Melbourne Buyers Agent Testimonials

Over the last few years Metropole have probably bought more properties for its clients than any other buyers agent in Australia.

Our post purchase survey of hundreds of clients from all walks of life found that 97% were very happy with our service. We were unable to find exactly what the other 3% wanted, in these cases they were not charged a purchase fee.

Here are some samples of the many, many testimonials Metropole Property Strategists Melbourne have from our satisfied clients…

Thank you for assisting us in purchasing our first investment property. We are really happy with the property as it met all our strict criteria and are especially pleased with the below-market price that you have been able to negotiate for us! We decided to engage Metropole as our buyers agent after learning more about Michael Yardney and realising that he actually practices what he preaches in his books and seminars and that the organisation behind him employs the same highly knowledgeable and skillful strategies in property investing. So this is a thank-you note—for fast tracking our property portfolio. We are experienced property investors from Perth but it wasn’t until meeting with Metropole that we realised the market here is completely different from Perth and we did not have the in-depth local experience that Metropole possesses. After six months of unsuccessful bidding at auctions by ourselves, we then engaged Metropole and secured a nice property within 4 weeks with the help of Metropole. You have been most helpful with answering all our questions regarding the Melbourne property market and your communication has been most friendly and efficient. My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Metropole.

– S & H Trinh, Blackburn VIC


We decided to use the services of Metropole firstly on the recommendations of friends. We were interested in purchasing a good investment property but lacked the expertise and the time. We understood that with the help of Metropole we could achieve good results without having to invest time in researching the market. As a result of using the services of Metropole we were immediately given good contacts of Solicitors and Finance Brokers whose services we have used and been pleased with. After having talked through the finance options, you then set out to search properties for us. He showed us a property on the market and then showed us other properties that had recently been purchased by Metropole thus giving us a good idea of the current market. The property that we looked at went to auction and you successfully bid and secured it for us at a very good price. Once again it was clear that we would not have had the knowledge or expertise to secure this property at the price. We would definitely recommend Metropole to anyone who was in a similar position to ourselves. Thanks again.

– C & H Bongers, Ringwood VIC

I have just purchased my first investment property using the Metropole Buyers Agency. I had attended several seminars presented by different agencies and individuals, and read a lot of articles and journals, before deciding to go with Metropole. The basic message was the same with all of them, but I liked the attitude of the Metropole staff: they knew their facts, had examples to back them up, and time was not an issue when it came to explaining things to beginners like me. I also felt that their strategy suited me, and allowed to me to do things my way. Warren Loone took the time to understand my needs and interests, and I felt confident to go forward with Metropole on the basis of all of this. Metropole has certainly put their claims into practice in my experience so far. I would be happy to recommend their services to others looking to maximise their potential in the property investment industry.

– N Hutchison, Croydon VIC

Buying a house is such an emotional journey. Thanks for taking the time to understand my special requirements and explaining all the steps I needed to take along the way…

– Dr Amanda S., Malvern VIC

I decided to go with Metropole to receive advice from professional people who are dealing with property transactions daily. The specific advice I was looking for was; (a) what is the right property to buy, (b) the best location to buy that property, and (c) to achieve the best capital growth in both the short & long term outlook. I directly benefited from the reinforcement that the property I currently held was the right type of property in the right location. Also, there was no need for me to spend hours upon hours researching the market to find what & where to buy and at what price. No need to spend days/weeks searching for property that fitted my demands… you did this for me. I successfully purchased a property below what other similar property was asking. Based on recent sales data in the area, within one month of my purchase the neighbouring property sold for $32,000 more than I paid for a directly comparable property. I would recommend using Metropole Buyers Agency if you are new in property transactions, or you do not have the time in your calendar to spare on ensuring you make the right purchase in the right location for the right price.

– B Linke, Benalla VIC

I’ve just had my offer accepted to purchase a property in Bentleigh East… I just wanted to say thank you to you … to the team who has been involved in this project so far…it has been a very positive and exciting experience thus far. Michael, thanks for establishing and running Metropole in the way that you do. Armchair development is the perfect next step in my investing career. Pamela, thanks for your passion for helping others. It’s easy to choose a company that embodies such high and human traits.

– Bruce Fenwick, VIC

We’re absolutely thrilled! Thanks to the team at Metropole we bought our first home in one of Melbourne’s most prestige suburbs, one we hadn’t even considered. We didn’t think we could live in such a great suburb.  You gave us the confidence we required to make a buying decision and took care of everything along the way. We highly recommend your home buying services.

– Val & Elsa, Brighton East VIC

I think I’ve benefited from your services hugely! Dealing with you every step of the way has made the whole process so much easier than if I had decided to go it alone. I believe the Agency Fee in regards to using Metropole as a Buyers Agent has more than paid for itself when I consider the stress involved in – scouring the market for a suitable property, the stress of negotiating a price, stress of an auction, all the associated paperwork involved in the purchase and just the general professionalism and knowledge of the buying processes involved. I have already, and would continue to recommend your Services to others… With my aim being to build my Investment Property Portfolio in the coming years I would have no hesitation in dealing with Metropole again to achieve this.

– A Wise, Palmyra WA

Being a very busy professional working person and being extremely time poor I still want to ensure that I stick to my long term plan of using property to fund my retirement. Whilst already owning several investment properties in Perth I was keen to start looking interstate. A week-end trip to Melbourne to look at the property market there was most confusing! The market there is different to WA. Not being familiar with the suburbs in Melbourne it was difficult to determine which areas would be good for investment, which areas have potential for solid capital growth, also not having access to Victorian statistical data did not help! Metropole found me a property within a few weeks that met all my identified criteria. They provided me with all the data and information I needed to make an informed decision. I was very pleased with the result. We managed to get the property at less than we expected to pay and less than the purchase price of an identical unit in the block 7 months earlier. I would certainly recommend Metropole to others. They took all my needs into account and helped me to acquire a great property without all the normal stresses of time and energy associated with house hunting!

– L. Fisher, Subiaco WA

I just wanted to thank you for helping me obtain such a wonderful property with so much potential and meeting all my criteria. I was a little nervous buying a property in another state, which I have no knowledge of and putting my trust in a buyers agent. But after discussing my requirements and hearing your suggestions and advice and seeing the property that you came up with, I would not hesitate to recommend Metropole. What has impressed me is not only the research that you did for me to find the right property but all the investigations prior to purchase you did to put me at ease. The follow up service post purchase, has also been fantastic like organising access to the property before settlement to start the renovations and all the reminder notes of what to do. Any requests I have made have been followed up promptly. All in all everything from finding the right property, the auction bidding and follow up service has been fantastic and your experience and knowledge shows. I will definitely be using your services again in the near future when finance allows.

– Nadia van Dyk, Perth WA

Just wanted to pass on to you my gratitude of the work done thoughout the entire process of identifying my investment needs, locating an appropriate property and negotiating it’s price, to the purchase and paperwork involved. Being new to the investment property game I believe your services have been invaluable… and I look forward to dealing with Metropole in the near future.

– Andrew Wise Perth WA

I would like to thank you for the professional service finding a premium property in record time. What may have taken months to achieve on my own has been achieved in weeks. You have found a property that has exceeded my expectations both in value, position and ongoing capital growth. The savings made in time and purchase price have far outstripped any buying fee and have silenced any sceptics I know.

– Blair Kurtz, Sydney NSW

Due to my own business commitments and hectic traveling schedule, I was in search of a Company that would look after all my property investment needs; purchase, location, strategy, execution and development.  After researching my options, Metropole with its long term commitment and proactive approach to property became a logical choice. After purchasing my first property with Metropole, they not only met my expectations, they exceeded them.  I am surrounded by a wonderful team of dedicated and passionate professionals who take care of all my needs, and are now currently working on the development phase of the investment property.  Even the leasing of the property was easy, with all steps being managed without my input. Being a professional myself with exacting high standards, I commend Metropole for making the property purchase so easy and stress free. I highly recommend Metropole to anyone who is serious about wealth creation through property. Metropole is a “one stop shop” who goes that extra yard, which separates true professionals. A satisfied customer!

– Darcy & Simone, Sunshine Coast QLD

Yesterday saw settlement on the above unit. Our first investment property! (read ‘first of many’). Frances and I would like to thank you both for your diligent work, assistance and professional service. With your help we were able to purchase a property within a month of our second daughter being born and 24 days after I attended one of your Property Investment Briefings. Now it is a question of taking a deep breath, letting the dust settle and then contacting you to see about a second investment. In the meantime, if you come across a property you think we should know about, please contact us.

– Tony Cockerill, Director, MineNet Consulting Pty Ltd

Though I already have several properties that I have found and negotiated myself I decided to use Metropole to help me to buy my next investment property for two reasons. Firstly because their full time presence in the market gives them a better understanding of values and opportunities than me, as well as better relationships with the selling agents, and secondly because they prided themselves as being able to find properties “with a twist”, which is an opportunity to make some quick returns. I also talked with the people at Metropole that I would be working with and was very comfortable with them. Metropole found a unit in Malvern for me. All of this happened while I was living in Malaysia and, in fact, was on a holiday at an island resort! I would recommend Metropole to anyone who is new to the property market or who does not have the huge amount of time required to do proper research.

– P Beck, Ipoh Malaysia

Being busy, hard working Retail business owners for the past 20 years we had relied on our Financial Planner to control our investments, mainly in a Share Portfolio. Two years ago we realised we were not getting the wealth growth we needed for retirement.

We started going to Property Investment Seminars and joined a Property Investment Group who advised us to buy two new properties interstate and an Off the Plan apartment also interstate. This created so much coordination for us going through an interstate Buyer’s Agent, Broker and Solicitor and relaying all this information back to our local Accountant and Financial Advisor.   We thought how much easier it would be if they all knew each other and worked in together.

We then went to a Metropole Property Investment Seminar and were impressed with the strategies and proven concepts Michael spoke about.  We also realised many mistakes we had made and agreed we needed a Financial Assessment from Metropole.

Michael explained the best way to create capital growth for us was by doing a Property Development.  We attended Metropole’s 3 day Property Renovation and Development Workshop and learnt so much and were convinced that with Metropole’s knowledge and experience we were very ready to start a property development.

Within weeks David had sourced a suitable property in East Bentleigh and due diligence done we managed to buy off market at a very good price.  Over the past month we have had several personal phone calls from Michael and his professional team and we really feel that they have a genuine interest in helping us achieve our goals.

We have been listening to the audio tapes and reading Michaels books and are very keen on educating ourselves as quickly as possible.We are extremely excited about our property development and look forward to working with Metropole on further property projects and wealth creation concepts.

Thanks Metropole we know we are with the right team and on the right path now!

– Trevor & Debbie Watson-Smith