Deciding to sell a property, whether it’s an investment or your own home, is a big step. You might be planning to upsize, downsize, relocate, or let go of an investment; regardless of your motivations, selling your property comes with a lot of considerations. Choosing the right real estate agent is key in helping you


Imagine this for your first property purchase. Just over 13 kilometres from the city, ready access to transport and ultra-cool facilities and all located right on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay. Hampton may not have been your initial choice as a first homebuyer, but the truth is there are ways for you to take a


As Melbourne’s property market moved through 2017, it may have seemed a property punter would be just fine if they simply secured any holding and waited a few months for demand to drive prices higher. It felt like a ‘fool proof’ method for building wealth. Fast forward two years, and there’s been a hard lesson for real


The Melbourne housing market recorded a 3.4% reduction in dwelling values over the March quarter, taking the cumulative decline in dwelling values to 10.3%. CoreLogic has released its newest housing market update for April 2019. You can also check out the local reports for Sydney and Brisbane. House values are down substantially more than unit