Dwelling values have been falling across Melbourne since November 2017, with the market down 8.7% since peaking. CoreLogic has released their newest housing market update for February 2019. You can also check out the local reports for Brisbane and Sydney. The past three months has seen the rate of decline accelerate; in fact, with Melbourne values down 4.0%


With the Melbourne property market cooling down over the past year, you might be wondering whether it’s time to purchase a house. Based on new insight into housing affordability across Australia, an individual earning the average salary in Victoria would have to put the majority of their income towards mortgage repayments to afford an average


We all know the Melbourne property market is having a tough time at present. It was less than a year ago that I wrote that one in three Melbourne suburbs have a median house price of at least $1 million. In fact there used to be 143 million dollar Melbourne suburbs, with 90 per cent


With property staying on the market longer and prices falling, it has well and truly become a buyers’ market in Melbourne. With more properties for sale than there are buyers, it becomes harder to get the highest possible price in a timely manner. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take actions toward improving your chances