Unlike in any other big city in Australia, many parents have crowded the Melbourne property market in certain school zones. Prices in these hotspots have been driven up, especially where the top schools are located. In fact, research has shown that there are price differences of almost $400k when comparing suburbs inside and just outside


 Melbourne recorded its lowest non-holiday weekend auction result for nearly 4 months on Saturday although the market remains generally in favour of sellers. Melbourne recorded a weekend clearance rate of 71.5% which was well below the previous weekends 77.6% but higher than the 41.2% recorded over the same weekend last year. 1013 homes were reported


The Melbourne auction market bounced back from last weekend’s Cup pause with a predictable surge in listings. Melbourne recorded a weekend clearance rate of 73.3% which was higher than the previous weekends 68.8% and the 47.1% recorded over the same weekend last year. Underlying auction listings are gradually approaching last year’s totals at the same


After the market started turning around halfway through the year, vendors in Melbourne have become more and more optimistic about property price movements. 3,306 Australian vendors were surveyed last quarter on the expectations for price movement with Melbourne vendors the most optimistic they’ve been since the beginning of 2018. In the most recent quarter, 75%