Investing in property is a proven way for Australians to build your financial nest egg. But if you’re apprehensive at the thought of taking that leap and borrowing six-figures (or more) to invest in property, you’re not alone. Here are six of the most common fears that trick people into not investing: 1. Fear or failure


Melbourne remains one of the strongest capital city housing markets, despite an overall slowing of conditions in the national property markets over the quarter. You can check out the National market update for November and the local reports for Brisbane and Sydney. We’ve included the Melbourne property market video below, along with a transcript. Welcome to CoreLogic’s Melbourne Property Market update for November


You’d have to be living in a dark room not to realise that the Sydney and Melbourne property markets have recorded phenomenal price growth over the past five years, with house prices rising 66.9% and 39.8% respectively since the growth cycle commenced in mid-2012. This surge in property values was driven buy these two states’


It’s already happened in New South Wales and it could happen here. We’re not talking about developers cherry-picking the best locations and knocking on owners’ doors. Rather, a potential a change in legislation that reduces the percentage of unit owners in an apartment building needed to approve selling their complex to developers. All for one Currently